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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Nonexistant followers, please take a look at when the last post on this blog was posted. February 2011.  Now, seven months later, I am attempting to revive this blog. There are plenty of differences, however, differences that I hope will make the blog better.

A new title -- Beyond the Ink -- and a summary that I hope conveys the message. A new layout, fonts, colors, and descriptions.

The pages have been edited and revised, with the Novels page updated to include current projects and former unecessary pages deleted. And, of course, the biggest -- the change to book reviews, which I plan to start posting again soon.

There are still some similarities, however. I will still be discussing my own novels as well as published books. I will be attempting to dispense writing advice and explain my reasons for writing. And I will still be having fun.

Some things will stay the same -- for instance, I am not deleting any of the former posts. They suck, so I recommend you read the posts and then go view my current novels to see the improvement. I don't want to delete the posts and start over from scratch, so you have a bit of humor in the blog.

Now, onto book reviews. I will be reviewing as many books as I can, including advanced readers' copies, books I own, and books borrowed from the library. The first three books I plan to review:

Liesel and Po -- Lauren Oliver, Advanced Readers' Copy, Book Published November 2011
Pretty Crooked -- Eliza Ludwig, Advanced Readers' Copy, Book Published March 2012
Jellicoe Road -- Melina Marchetta, Published Novel, Released 2006 and Winner of 2007 Printz Award

The reviews will be based on: Character, Plot, Grammar, Thoughts, and Overall. Jellicoe Road will be the first novel reviewed; keep your eyes open for the review. I hope to get lots of book reviews completed, and if you have suggestions and recommendations please leave them in the comments.

And now, I want to explain something.

Why is this blog called Beyond the Ink?
And the description of course is "What's beyond the ink? One girl tries to figure it out". Well, books are books. They're words and sentences and letters and sounds. But what are they? Teachers always have you find the meanings of things. So what is the meaning of books? In this crazy, chaotic world, the meaning of books and words and letters is constantly evolving.

So, my journey on this blog will be to try and decide just what is the meaning of ink, the meaning of books.

Thanks for coming along on the journey.

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