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Below are some "Frequently Asked Questions" one might have after browsing the site. Hopefully this will answer any of your questions. If you have other questions leave them in comments or via email at

What do you do on this blog?

I do an assortment of  things. I review books, discuss my writing, talk about writing in attempts to help authors,  participate in several memes, and sometimes act silly. :) If you have new ideas about what to do on the blog...hit me up! I'd love to hear your ideas.

How do you review your books?

See the "Review Policy" page here.

Will you read and review unsolicited novels and or/my own self-published book?

See "Review Policies" here.

What's Road Trip Wednesday?

Road Trip Wednesday is a writing carnival run every Wednesday by the girls at YA Highway. They ask writing related questions and you answer them on your own blog. Check YA Highway every Wednesday for the question.

What's Building Houses?

Building Houses is the book I am currently working on, a YA novel about a girl who moves back to her small town and decides to figure out if a girl is a fraud. You can find more information about it and my other novels here. I occasionally post teasers and other things from the novel itself here, though I will not be posting much of it online for privacy reasons.

What exactly does your slogan -- "What happens beyond the pages? 1 girl tries to find out" -- mean?

I means I want to figure out books, not only how people feel about them but how I feel about them,  and how people react to books. I want to understand books and hope that I can solve the question through interacting with other bloggers/reviewers and reviewing books. The 1 girl tries to find out is more self-explanatory. :)

Where do you get your cool blog templates?

Aww, thanks. I don't make my templates, but I have found several great ones online. My templates come from a variety of sources but usually either Leelou Blogs or Imagination Blog Designs. Check out both those sites for great templates, or if you're stuck, harness the power of Google and search "free Blogger templates".

What's your favorite movie/singer/TV show/comfort food/color/musical/dance routine?

Tangled, Adele, Glee, Old Dutch Tostados Yellow Corn, purple, The Music Man, and the fox trot. :) Oh yeah.