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Monday, April 9, 2012

New Beginnings

As of today, I have decided to move this blog from Blogger to Wordpress. If you do not know what Wordpress is, it is another blogging site that is a bit easier to use and allows you to have complete control.

I decided to move because I wanted to do some things with my blog that Blogger wasn't allowing me to and I also wanted to have an easier way to blog. Also I had some concerns, as Google can delete or remove any blog on Blogger if they want to and I didn't want that to happen.

This is the really important thing -- even with all of the changes below, the rest of Past The Ink will be up. I transferred all the pages and posts to Wordpress so you can still go through and read the archives. 

AND this blog is staying up. I'm not deleting it. It will stay here but there will be NO new posts. All new posts will be on Wordpress. 

Okay, next, on Wordpress this blog will have some changes.

  • A New Name: Dancing Through YA. I feel like that name suits my blog better. There is an explanation on the new site as well.
  • A New Domain Name: If you want to access the site now, you must go to:

  •  New Features -- these will be coming to the blog soon and some have already been updated.
Now, how do you access the blog? On Blogger there is a handy "Google Friend Connect" button. The button looks like this:

That is not what the button on this blog looks like--there are fewer subscribers-- but you get the gist of GFC. Okay, Google Friend Connect is no longer available on non-Blogger (this means Wordpress, too) blogs.

And so how do you subscribe to the new blog? First, go to the site.

Look on the right sidebar. Right at the top is a box called META.

This is also not an exact same image. Here though, you can see the RSS button. Underneath that META box is an RSS box. There is a little orange square in the corner of the RSS box. Click that and it will take you to a screen where you can subscribe in a blog reader (Google, Yahoo, whatever floats your boat).

However, under the RSS box is this:

On the new blog the thing at the top says something else, but it's the same idea. In that little box you can type in your email address. Then, every time there is a new post on the blog, you get an email. You don't even have to go to the site to see the post -- the ENTIRE post shows up in your email.

Handy, right?

So, either:

  • Subscribe via RSS (look for the box called RSS with a little orange thing beside it)
  • Subscribe via email (type your email in the box)

See you there.

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