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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Well, the contest isn't really called WanderPictures. I was trying to sound witty. The contest is called....uh, I don't know what it's called. It's not really a contest. An activity.  It's a cool activity run by Kirsten Hubbard for her new book Wanderlove. There, that's better.

Kirsten Hubbard's running a contest on her blog. You send in a picture to of some place you feel drawn to; you love it. It's magical, inspirational, filled with memories, just an amazing place. It could be your family's vacation home, or your favorite place to read. I sent mine in yesterday. My special place is the swing in my bedroom that overlooks the lake. Here's what I wrote:

The picture is of my bright orange swing, a 1970s relic. It was passed down to me by my aunt, and I have used it for the last four years. It calms me down by rocking and swinging, and when I get upset I rock back and  forth and let the tears fade away. It feels so amazing to know long this swing has been in existence, and how many people have used it -- my aunt, my dad, my uncles, my sister, me, my cousins, my aunt's friends, and how it's like one gigantic living heirloom. I live on a lake, and I love looking out the window, swinging on my swing and feeling at peace, and seeing the lake change from season to season: cool waters in the summer, half-frozen in fall, completely frozen in winter, ice floes in the spring.The swing and the lake calm me and make me feel connected to nature.  The swing makes me feel connected to the nature, it makes me calm, and it's a fantastic place to curl up and read a book. I love my swing and  I love feeling both connected to the water and my family.
I also attached a picture of me in my swing. All of the pictures will be posted onto a Tumblr ( but that won't be the final domain name; it will be renamed at a later time.
If you have a NetGalley account, you should definitly read Wanderlove. Go to Random House Children's page and its on the second or third page. While I'm at it, read Kirsten's first book, Like Mandarin, too. It's awesome.
Have a fantastic holiday -- and read Wanderlove! xoxox

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