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Friday, January 27, 2012

An Open Letter

Dear world,

I'm not always pleased with the YA books coming out. They're too silly or romance-y for my tastes, I find there to be holes in the plot, I can't relate to the characters. There are thousands of complaints I could make -- and I've made some of them in my book reviews.

But behind every book is a person.

An editor, a copeyeditor, a person, a writer. Someone who truly loves the book they wrote and hopes the world likes it too.

And if they didn't exist, we wouldn't have awesome books. 

So let's be thankful for the editors, publishers, and authors, because even if we don't like the book, if they didn't exist there would be no YA book world. No YA online communities and reviewers and blogs and more.

And a world without YA is one that I would feel sadder living in.

So let's thank them for awesome books.


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  1. Amen. Books just like anything else are completely subjective. Just because the book did not work for you does not mean that it does not deserve a thoughtful and well articulated reason for why it was not to your taste.